Soumyaranjan Acharya


Web Developer


A web application to help saloons manage appointments and employees, while also providing an interface for the customers to book an appointment with their favorite saloons


Smosh uses React for the front-end structure. It uses a combination of css, bootstrap and material-ui to create the website's look. Smosh uses firebase to store the data in real time, and redux and redux thunk to manipulate the data being fetched into the app fom firebase.


A simple web app built to quickly find jobs in. Users can enter search terms and find jobs matching their search, users can also apply filters on multiple parameters to filter down the jobs


Joboid uses Scrapy to crawl various websites to create a pool of jobs in AWS s3 using AWS sqs to manage data flow. It uses a api to read the data from s3 using boto3 and store the data into postGreSQL database the flask api also helps in fetching the data from the database based on the queries from the React powered front-end. The api is deployed on a heroku server and the scrapy project is a long running process in a AWS EC2 instance.

Game Room

A simple quiz app designed to make people play in a single timed quiz. The questions have an expiry time of a few seconds the answers are recorded and the winner is determined at the end of the set of questions


The quiz app uses react for the front-end design, redux for managing the data flow in the application, It uses node.js to handle the questions and uses to manage the questions and and chat room by implementing websockets. It uses flask application to serve the questions and answers, the flask application also helps in adding new questions and deleting the same deployed in a heroku server.

Tools I Use